Hall of Shame

Examples of bad behavior in church…..please feel free to send me any you have.


As I sat in church before Mass praying my Rosary, someones cell phone began to ring.  As jarring as this might be, it got worse.  He not only answered it, but made no effort to leave the pew. He actually talked for a few minutes, and then hung up.  The same man has done this before, but each time, I thought surely this is a fluke….there must be an emergency or something.  This time I realized that I must say somthing.  He must think it doesn’t bother anyone.  I had the opportunity a few minutes later to motion to him.  I politely said “…do you realize that when you talk on your cell phone that you are making it difficult for people to pray?”  He looked abashed and said: “I won’t do it anymore.”  It’s hard for me to understand the disconnect that some people have difficulty recognizing the affect of their behavior on others.  Be that as it may….things never change unless we expect better and demand it. 

3/28/13…..HOLY WEEK

Here is one of many classic endurance tests in church. It’s a weekday Mass and the Wednesday of Holy Week. I arrive 45 minutes prior to Mass to say my rosary.

Here is what ensues in those 45 minutes. First, someone in the back of the church is drilling on a kneeler and talking out loud. I head for the bathroom in the back of the church and a nun and other woman are visiting. The drilling continues for about 10 minutes.

Then a woman walks in and begins to talk to another gentleman in the front of the church by the door.  She asks him how he is and he says he has a heart condition. They converse for a couple of minutes within 5 feet of me. Then she progresses into the church and begins a conversation with the man’s wife….this continues until I finally retire to the chapel in desperation.  I can still hear her from the chapel. She eventually ends her conversation and I get approximately 2 minutes of quiet.

At that point,  the deacon begins to talk on his cell phone in the sacristy,which adjoins the chapel.  He continues talking aloud for the next 10 minutes. I stuff tissue in my ears but I can still hear him.  I finish my rosary and go back to my pew in the church. 

Several more people then enter the church including a staff member.  She goes up to more than one person and talks out loud with, no doubt, very important church business that cannot wait until after Mass.

All during what I described, there are a number of other people in the church trying to pray and meditate. 

What is about people praying that means so little that others continue their conversations as if they have entered a gymnasium and as if NOTHING is happening

Never mind about respect for the House of God and the Blessed Sacrament….why is there so little respect for others?