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Greetings Brothers and Sisters!

For years I have been distressed at the loss of respect in the House of God. As one of God’s nobodies, I still hope I can make a difference. I grew up in a large, suburban, California parish many decades ago.  As diverse as we were, we knew that going to church, even for a quick visit, entailed respect in demeanor, dress, behavior.  No one talked out loud. In fact, even prolonged whispering was unacceptable, and certainly never before or during Mass.  Noisy children sat in the back with their parents. Clothing was modest even on the hottest California days.  Since that time, all hell has broken out, as they say!  Anything goes.  I know that this is not limited to the Midwest, where I currently live, but everywhere. I have relatives in different parts of the country who complain of the same thing; and because I have traveled quite a bit, encounter it everywhere.  I also listen to call-in shows on Catholic radio, where others have voiced concern.  I have seen letters written to various Catholic newspapers, where writers are upset about casualness and  bad behavior in church; as well as their priests lack of willingness to attend to the problem.

The first step to change is always to increase awareness.  I believe that many of our brothers and sisters mean no harm.  As the culture has changed and become more casual, we have lost a sense of what is appropriate.   ”Live and let live” has become an enduring and dangerous mantra.  We are often busy, preoccupied.  It becomes difficult to relax….but it is in silence that we find God.

I will post various editorials and articles written on the subject.  I ask for your comments, articles, pictures, any pertinent information. It is only TOGETHER that we can bring about change.

Be patient with me as I flounder and flub my way through techno world….


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Preferably use first names or initials.  We don’t want to disparage individuals or specific parishes.



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  1. Great site, great need! We only have an hour in Church for Mass, lets listen to Him, His Word and receive!